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 I was born and raised on the west Coast of Florida surrounded by water sports. 'Boat' was my first word (did not make my mom happy)...At the age of 10 we moved to a horse farm in Kentucky where we raised and trained saddle-bred horses. I briefly attended college and then served my country in the United States Marine Corp. I have always had a passion for the outdoors adventure and a love for all wild life, even the really mean ones! I am an avid sailor, hiker, surfer and fisherman. I have had many passions and loves in my life including our two cats but my greatest passion and love is my Cuban American wife. We have been married for almost 10 years! My wife was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. She attended college there and a little over 11 years ago she won a visa to move to the United States. She then moved to Long Beach, California where we met. Like myself, she shares a passion for traveling, outdoor activities, water sports & wild life. She is a good dancer and cook and she's a bit crazy when it comes to collecting sea shells,sand dollars and pretty rocks, she can never have enough! She also enjoys sharing her knowledge with others, specially kids. Her dream is to one day move to Costa Rica and teach English to the kids and adults at the local rural school. We currently live in California on our sailboat. I'm a Yacht Broker and my wife is an executive assistant to the CEO of a large company. We started building this home in 2011 and its been a long challenging build with many ups and downs but if it was easy then everyone would do it!

  Why This Property??? MY wife and I had plans to sail around the world on our sailboat for 4 years in 2008 but the slow down in the economy changed our plans. We both knew that we wanted a dream home outside of the USA but we weren't sure where. We met another sailor and bought a piece of property from him in Guanacaste, we bought sight unseen in a country that we had never been to, you have to have a little faith sometimes in your fellow man. We fell in love with Costa Rica and we loved Guanacaste enough that we built a small home. But we soon realized that Gunacaste was lacking for us, it was beautiful but not magical enough to build our forever dream home and there were not enough animals either!!!! We wanted to experience the true remoteness and wilderness of the Costa Rican rain forest the way it all used to be in all of her splendor. At the same time we wanted to be close to modern convenience and friends. So we wanted to be secluded in the purest form of nature but not isolated and we wanted to be close to the ocean as well. we soon realized that what we were looking for may no longer exist, it was going to be a difficult search. We found this little piece of paradise by accident, one trip down the river, one look at the view of the rain forest and the mountains, one experience with endangered Spider monkeys swinging over head (I still think the seller trained those monkeys somehow) and we were hooked! And our story continues...

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