Bouncing Back from Covid

Covid has certainly made life extremely challenging as well as tragic for many but I am happy to report that the family of Casa Rio Sierpe, Lisley, Myself and all of our staff as well as their loved ones have made it through and as of now are ok, everyone has their health!!! Even though Costa Rica completely shut their boarders to international travel last year and the tourism industry was decimated, we kept our onsite staff fully employed, like I sad they are family to us! BUT now since last fall, Costa Rica opened their boarders again to international travel and the tourism sector is certainly picking up, its still a bit slow but definitely on the mends! We have hosted several guest this year, we have several scheduled to come in over the summer  and we have even started to get several reservations for next year!!! So come on down, were open and hosting, our family is eager to share the magic of Casa Rio Sierpe!

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